canada-vaccine-tracker dot CA is a little hobby project built by Paul Craig over a few weeks mostly by staying up past his bedtime. As such, got a few rough edges for its not-that-many-pages. Keeping it small is kind of the point though: other vaccine trackers already exist, and they are pretty comprehensive.

The main goal of this website is to track vaccine distribution in Canada against the inexorable march of time. The basic idea is that it would be really good if ~40-50% of the population received a vaccine by Canada Day (~50% of the way through the year), and so let’s make it easy to see at a glance how it’s going.

It would be cool to incorporate progress over time, (eg, are we ramping up?) so that might show up as well.

Shoot me an email or something if you have any feedback .

Nuts and bolts

This is a Next.js website using publicly-available data about COVID vaccine distribution in Canada. It’s fork-able on GitHub, so you can create your own completely identical version of this site and try to out-SEO me.