Vaccine recipients in Prince Edward Island

Comparing the percentage of Islanders who have received vaccines vs. the number of days passed in 2021.

(We’re hoping for ~40-50% vaccinated by Canada Day.)

Islanders vaccinated*Days in 2021CAN45.2%50%165 days (45.2%)95k vaccinated (59.3%)17k fully vaccinated (10.6%)Canada Day (July 1)
Figure 1 — Vaccine data for Prince Edward Island

In Prince Edward Island (pop. 159,713), 94,715 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 16,901 are fully vaccinated.

Vaccinations in Prince Edward Island vs. days in 2021
Raw dataPercent
Islanders fully vaccinated16,901 / 159,71310.6%
Islanders who have received a vaccine94,715 / 159,71359.3%
Days passed in 2021165 / 36545.2%

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59.3% of Islanders have received at least one dose of the vaccine, which is 8th overall for Canada’s 10 provinces.

  • Manitoba is 7th, with 60.6% of its population vaccinated.
  • Alberta is 9th, with 59.1% of its population vaccinated.

To catch up to Manitoba, Prince Edward Island would have to give 2,076 vaccine doses to new people.

Measuring “vaccinated”

“Vaccinated” is a little ambiguous. Both vaccines currently used in Canada require 2 doses (several weeks apart) to be fully effective. However, receiving 1 dose is partially effective, and indicates how quickly we are dispensing vaccines.

  • The larger number tracks Islanders who have received at least 1 dose.
  • The smaller number tracks Islanders who have received both doses.

For a more thorough write-up, check out the Methodology.